28 Cleanest Cities in the World

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 Nindot kaayo paminawon kung magpuyo ta sa pinakalimpyo nga siyudad ilabi na gayod kung kini nasulod sa usa sa pinakalimpyo sa tibook kalibutan.  Maayo unta kung masulod bisag usa na lang ani ang siyudad nato no.  Kanus-a pa kaha?  Mangandoy na lang ta ani kay daghan kaayo maghugaw-hugaw bisan asa na lang.  kanus-a kaha nato i lain-lain atong mga basura.  Kung ato pa untang sugdan ang pag lain-lain sa basura, dako tingalig kita ang kagamhanan nato kay pareha diri sa gawas sa Pinas, baligya man diri ang mga sudlanan.

From Stockholm to Sydney to Singapore, these 28 cities work hard to keep things clean and green. Is your city on the list?
We get a lot of infographics sent our way, and a lot of lists about top these and thats ... and sometimes they really catch our eye. Case in point: This handy-dandy graphic from Hassle.com revealing the cleanest cities dotting the planet. This list speaks to the treehugger in us for its attention to the things that tug at our arboreal-embracing heartstrings. Birmingham, England is recognized for cutting down CO2 emissions and Chicago gets a shout-out for its 2 million square feet of rooftop gardens; New Delhi is commended for its minimal waste output and Bogota gets high marks for its public transportation. You get the picture.
While rankings like these are always somewhat subjective – they're dependent on which data a compiler chooses to use and how they want to spin it – it's heartening to see a collection of cities doing their part for not only the inhabitants of their urban clime, but for all of us. Because if every city on the globe was paying attention to reducing CO2 emissions and cutting waste and pumping up public transit and encouraging rooftop gardens, this big gorgeous gal of a planet might be a bit tidier all around.
Read on to see which cities are praised for their efforts and all the various ways people can work toward making their environments cleaner.
Please click here to see the full link:  http://www.treehugger.com/health/28-cleanest-cities-world.html
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