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numbers 1 to 1,000,000

mga numero sa bisaya 1 paingon sa 1,000,000

0 Zero
 sero, wala
 usa, uno
2 Two
 duha, dos
3 Three
 tulo, tres
4 Four
upat, kwatro
5 Five
lima, singko
6 Six
unom, sais
7 Seven
pito, syete
8 Eight
walo, otso
9 Nine
siyam, nwebe
napulo, dyes
napulo`g usa, onse
napulo`g duha, dose
napulo`g tulo, trese
napulo`g upat, katorse
napulo`g lima, kinse
napulo`g unom, disesays
napulo`g pito, disesyete
napulo`g walo, disiotso
napulo`g siyam, disenuybe
kawhaan, bayente
21Twenty one
kawhaa`g usa, bayente uno, baynte uno
22Twenty two
kawhaa`g duha, baynte dos
23Twenty three
kawhaa`g tulo, baynte tres
24Twenty four
kawhaa`g upat, baynte kwatro
25Twenty five
kawhaa`g lima, baynte singko
26Twenty six
kawhaa`g unom, baynte sais
27Twenty seven
kawhaa`g pito, baynte syete
28Twenty eight
kawhaa`g walo, baynte otso
29Twenty nine
kawhaa`g siyam, baynte nuybe
katloan ,trayenta
31Thirty one
katloa`g usa, trayntay uno
32Thirty two
33Thirty three
34Thirty four
35Thirty five
36Thirty six
37Thirty seven
38Thirty eight
39Thirty nine
katloa`g duha, trayntay dos
katloa`g tulo, trayntay tres
katloa`g upat,  trayntay kwatro
katloa`g lima,  trayntay singko
katloa`g unom,  trayntay sais
katloa`g pito,  trayntay siyete
katloa`g walo,  trayntay otso
katloa`g siyam,  trayntay nuwebe
kap`atan, kwarenta
41Forty one
kap`ata`g usa, kwarenta'y uno
42Forty two
kap`ata`g duha, kwarenta'y dos
kalim`an, singkwenta
51Fifty one
kalim`a`g usa, singkwenta'y  uno
kan`uman, saysenta
61Sixty one
kan`uma`g usa, saysenta'y uno
kapitoan, setenta
71Seventy one
kapitoa`g usa, setenta'y uno
kawalohan, otsenta
81Eighty one
kawaloha`g usa, otsenta'y uno
kasiyaman, nobenta
91Ninety one
kasiyama`g usa, nobenta'y uno
100One hundred
usa ka gatos, syento
101One hundred and one
102One hundred and two
103One hundred and three 
104One hundred and four
105One hundred and five
106One hundred and six
107One hundred and seven
108One hundred and eight
109One hundred and  nine   
usa ka gatus ug usa, syento uno
usa ka gatus ug duha, syento dos
usa ka gatus ug tulo, syento tres
usa ka gatus ug upat, syento kwatro
usa ka gatus ug lima, syento singko
usa ka gatus ug unom, syento sais
usa ka gatus ug pito, syento syete
usa ka gatus ug walo, syento otso
usa ka gatus ug siyam, syento nuybe
110One hundred and ten
usa ka gatus ug napulo, syento dyes
111One hundred and eleven
usa ka gauts ug napulo`g usa, syento onse
150One hundred and fifty
syento singkwenta
200Two hundred
duha ka gatus, dos syentos
201Two hundred and one
duha ka gatus ug usa, dos syentos dos
300Three hundred
tulo ka gatus, tres syentos
400Four hundred
upat ka gatus, kwatro syentos
500Five hundred
lima ka gatus, kinyentos
600Six hundred
unom ka gatus, sais syentos
700Seven hundred
pito ka gatus, syete syentos
800Eight hundred
walo ka gatus, otso syentos
900Nine hundred
siyam ka gatus, nwebe syentos
1000One thousand 
usa ka libo
2000Two thousand
duha ka libo
3000Three thousand
tulo ka libo
4000Four thousand
upat ka libo
5000Five thousand
lima ka libo
6000Six thousand
unom ka libo
7000Seven thousand
pito ka libo
8000Eight thousand
walo ka libo
9000Nine thousand
siyam ka libo
10000Ten thousand
napulo ka libo
100000One hundred thousand
usa ka gatus ka libo
1000000One million
usa ka milyon

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