These words are used oftentimes

These words are used oftentimes
not delicious-------------way lami
beautiful ------------------nindot
ugly -------------------------bati, maot
long -------------------------taas
big --------------------------dako
many -----------------------daghan
black------------------------ itom
red ---------------------------pula
offensive odor/stink----baho
sweet smell--------------- humot
hot--------------------------- init
cold -------------------------bugnaw
sweet -----------------------tam- is
more------------------------usbi, dungagi, sigi pa
less------------------------- gamay
fresh----------------------- bag-o, presko
old -------------------------daan
hard----------------------- gahi
soft ------------------------humok
beautiful ---------------- guapa
ugly ---------------------- pangit
nice ----------------------- nindot
love ----------------------- gugma
handsome -------------- guapo
fat ------------------------ tambok
slim ----------------------- payat
slender ------------------ payat
money ------------------- kwarta
far ------------------------ layo
near ---------------------- duol
transportation --------- sakyanan
where?--------------------asa, diin
what?--------------------- unsa
who? ----------------------kinsa
welcome ----------------- dayon
how are you? ---------- kumusta? o musta?

tcre------ayo ayo
come back again ----balik sunod
goodbye --- babay

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