flash cards occupations

 Car Hop on Roller Skates Tripping While Delivering Food

waitress -serbidora

Cartoon of a Little Boy Using a Camera

photographer  - letratista

Seamstress or Fashion Designer Working with a Mannequin Fashion Designer Drawing Clothing Images

  dress maker - mananahi

African American Doctor Examining a Patient

doctor  -  doktor

Catholic Nun Praying

nun  -  madre

Catholic Priest Holding a Cross

priest   -   pare

Guitar Player Royalty Free Clipart Image


Shoemaker in His Shop Repairing a Shoe


Cartoon of a Lunch Lady Serving School Cafeteria Food


Keyboard Player Royalty Free Clipart Image


Restaurant Dish Washer Royalty Free Clipart Image


Janitor Mopping Up a Spill

dyanitor o maninilhig o tigsilhig

pictures from http://www.clipartguide.com

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