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Sa mga naay website o blog maayong balita kaninyong tanan!!! Naana pod koy nakit-an nga makatabang sa inyo para mo makaangkon og inyong kaugalingon LOGO kung wala pa moy logo sa inyong website o blog.  Libre ni siya nga mobuhat nimo og logo.  Maayo kini kaayo ilabi na gayod kung wala tay budget para bayad sa mga mohimog logo.  Dugay na pod ko kaayo nangandoy nga naa koy logo bisan nagblog ra ko diri sa blogspot og libre.  Abi nako mangita pa ko nga modesign pero karon sa sigi nako diri sa online kita na dyog ko.  Maong ako ning ipaambit sa inyo pod.  Purbahi ninyo kay nindot ang ilang mga desinyo.  Basaha ning inpormasyon sa ilang website.

Free Custom Logo Design

We will design a new logo for your blog/website absolutely FREE!
No catch, no up sale. We only hope you will like the new logo when you receive it.
Why are we doing this?It’s actually the entrance exam we give to new designers wishing to join 48hourslogo design team. Instead of an exam with list of graphic design questions, we take a more practical approach by assigning a real life logo design task (which is your free logo design request) to our new designers. If designer passes our test, he/she joins our team, and you get a free custom designed logo. Otherwise, we pass your requirement to the next designer until a quality logo is delivered.
How long do I have to wait before receiving my free logo?Depending on the number of signups we have in the queue and the number of new designers registering to take our test, the wait could be anywhere between 1 to 10 days. Please take a look our delivery status at the bottom of this page for more information.

Any requirement to signup for this free custom logo design?We are offering this to anyone who needs a new logo for their blog or website. So all you have to do is tell us your website URL and requirement for your new logo design.
How do I sign up?Complete the following logo design brief and we will let you know when a designer has been assigned to your task.


Buhaton ninyo:
1.  Isulat ang inyong Website Name
2.  Ang URL . kung walay Url, leave it blank
3.  Design Requirements-  Isulat unsa gusto ninyo:  color, background og uban pa.  Pwede pod sila na lang inyong pagbut-on.
4.  Pwede pod mo mopili sa SAMPLE DESIGNS
5.  Ihatag inyong EMAIL AD
6.  I submit

Please click this to go to the full link http://www.48hourslogo.com/free-logo-design.php

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