Empowering 200,000 Filipina retailers by 2020

Pasalamat ta sa Coca-cola nga nitabang sa atong mga kababaihan para moasenso ang ilang kinabuhi para makatabang og dako sa tagsa-tagsa ka pamilya.  Sa training makabalo ka unsaon pagkwenta ang inyong kita, unsaon pagtubo og unsa ang mga buhaton haron molambo ang imong negosyo!  So sa mga wala pa kabalo bantayi ninyo kung kanus-a mag training sa inyong mga lugar.

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Cebu City, Cebu – Global beverage brand Coca-Cola is aiming to partner with 200,000 women sari-sari store owners and operators in the Philippines by 2020 by including them in the company’s value chain development programs.
“Coca Cola recognizes the significant role of women in the development of business and communities. In the Philippines, we find sari-sari stores in every corner managed by women. The company’s thrust is to include them in the value chain by enabling environments for their business to thrive and become sustainable,” said Coca-Cola Philippines Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications Adel Tamano.
“When women earn, they tend to reinvest their income for their family’s welfare,” added Tamano.
Since the launch of its Sari-Sari Store Training and Access to Resources (STAR) program with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda) in 2011, Coca-Cola Philippines has trained some 30,000 women sari-sari store owners and operators nationwide on how to run their businesses through better merchandising, cash flow and inventory management.
In the Visayas, Tacloban has received the most number of program beneficiaries with 3,000 women micro entrepreneurs, Bacolod with 2,000 and Cebu with 1,000 beneficiaries, said Coca-Cola Phils. Sustainability Manager Gilda Mauilan, in an interview yesterday.
STAR program beneficiaries, whose sari-sari store business must be operational for at least six months to qualify, will undergo a 12-week Basic Entrepreneurship and Gender Sensitivity Training. Subsequently, they will have the option to access financing through rural banks and micro-finance partners of the company.
Women entrepreneurs will also become retail partners and recipients of merchandising tools to improve overall appearance of their stores .
To date, the STAR program has footprints in 19 key cities and provinces across the country.
STAR is part of Coca-Cola’s worldwide initiative dubbed “5by20” designed to contribute to Millennium Development Goal (MDG) poverty-alleviation efforts. To recall, the MDGs are eight international development goals established by the United Nations Millennium Summit in 2000, following the adoption of the United Nations Millennium Declaration.

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