Philippines has so many festivities celebrated every year.  It is a country where  people enjoy to celebrate their fiestas through good times and bad times.  Every province, city or town has its own festivities which anyone can enjoy.  It is a tradition handed down through generation to generation.  It is a celebration where you always like to celebrate and see again and again.  If you come from other countries, this is the time where you will  see the grandiore and magic of our festivals plus you will experience first hand the hospitality of the Filipinos which we are famous of, regardless of our status in life.  You are always welcome in the  Philippines anytime of the day, anytime of the year.

January 13-19 / Cebu City
A magnificent event that you do not like to miss.  It is a "must" see when you are in the Philippines even locals are excited to witness this beautiful colorful event. The grand mardi gras, the sinulog party happenings, the locals display of their products and their creativeness. It is mesmerizing and you just can't stop. You will  dance and shout with joy "Pit Senyor kang mama kini" or to anyone beloved to you.  You will enjoy so much  that you promise yourself you will be back next year.  See it to believe it!  

3rd Week of August -Dabaw
Witness the spectacular celebration of Dabaw.  The Kadayawan (“beauty” or “goodness”)  is an annual celebration every 3rd Week of August again to give thanks for the bountiful harvest. The main event consist of the floral float parade, Yugyugan sa Dalan (street dancing), Mutya ng Kadayawan, an agro-trade fair, and etc. which showcase the best of Davao.

January 25-26 / Iloilo City
This is an annual festival held on the fourth week of January right after the Sinulog of Cebu. The Ati-Ati Street Dancing, Kasadyahan Street Dancing and Miss Dinagyang are the three parts of the event. The shout of "Hala Bira" by the performers who are painted with brown makes the performance much fun. Come and celebrate while shouting hala bira!

Quiapo, Manila
A big religious event in honor of  the patron of Quiapo, the Black Nazarene.
Thousands of devotees gather to renew their vows every year to the patron saint. See the devotion of Filipinos, their faith and beliefs which is difficult to be taken away.  It is the faith of the filipinos in their patrons and saints that makes them smile and laugh amids the struggles and calamities the country has gone through.  It is an event worth seeing.

1st weekend of March / Malaybalay City
It is the only ethnic festival in the Philippines.  You can see the real dancing by the  tribes namely  Bukidnon, Higaonon, Talaandig, Manobo, Matigsalug, Tigwahanon and Umayamnon.  They are the first inhabitants of Bukidnon. 

holds the feast during the third week of October annually.  For four days they will celebrate and give thanks to the Gods that gives them bountiful harvest of the sweet lanzones, a tropical fruit.  It is the sweetest lanzones ever tasted and it is so delicious.  Be able to witness the marvelous celebration at the same time taste the sweetest lanzones.

February 27 / General Santos City
 An annual festival in General Santos City,  a week long celebration in honor of their ancestors.

 An annual one week long colorful festival  where  men and women dressed in costumes and masks.  It is a  re-enactment of Christ's crucifixion, revolving around the story of Longinus.

Arya Abra Festival is a celebration of the province of Abra's individuality. It is a week-long celebration that showcases various sectors/groups in the province. Each day is offered to a particular group of persons as a way of honoring them for what they have done for the province of Abra.

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