good ----- but-an
bad ----- maldito
little ----- gamay
short ----- mubo
long ----- taas
big ----- dako
small ----- mubo
much ----- daghan
many ----- daghan
far ----- layo
near ----- duol
early ----- sayo
last ----- ulahi
pretty ----- guapa
handsome----- guapo
thirsty ----- uhaw
warm ----- igang
dirty ----- hugaw
hard ----- gahi
soft ----- humot
happy ----- lipay
hot ----- init
cold ----- bugnaw
cheap ----- barato
cool ----- hayahay
nervous ----- nerbiyos
easy ----- sayon
rich ----- dato
poor ----- pobre
fast ----- paspas
slow ----- hinay
large ----- dako
good ----- but- an
difficult----- lisod
dangerous----- kuyaw
expensive ----- mahal
new (things)----- bag-o
old (things)----- daan
old (people)----- tigulang


bisaya english dictionary
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