action words - mga lihok

action words - mga lihok

cook - luto
clean - limpyo
bath - ligo
drink - inom
eat - kaon
sleep - tulog
jump - ambak
talk - sulti , tingog
walk - lakaw
run - dagan
dance - sayaw
move - lihok
sing - kanta
rest - pahulay
sit - lingkod
climb - katkat
breath - ginhawa
touch - gunit, hikap
cry - hilak
laugh - katawa
smile - pahiyom
write - sulat
call - tawag
listen - pamati

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vicarious(adjective) [vie-KAIR-ee-ahs, vie-KAR-ee-ahs, vi-KAR-ee-ahs]
1. experienced at secondhand: "Eve hungrily devoured the personal stories of successful entrepreneurs until she was ready to exchange her vicarious experiences for the real thing."
2. suffered or done by one person as a substitute for another; 'vicarious punishment'
3. delegated to somebody else, as powers or authority, or performing a function that has been delegated

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